Saturday, January 31, 2015

#Day 32 010215

Q: Rether you marry someone who is rich but ugly or poor but attractive?

A:  for this question, i choose rich but ugly. At least i will live with his money bahahahaha.

I keep telling my friends i want to marry someone who is rich, it is okay if he is old, ugly or annoying. All i want just his money ($_$).

But the truth is, i wont marry any of man except the one that i love. When im in highschool, my teacher told me, find someone who loves you more than you do.

But, when im getting older, the only i want is to fall in love with the man, do not care if he doesnt love me as much as i do. Let me be the lover hahahaha. Serious!


#Day 1 ( -31days)

Q: hopes, dreams, plans for next 365 days with a picture of yourself.

A:  i hope to be a better muslim, but i'm not sure how it will be because i'm just quiting attending weekly usrah. I rather put a reason of im not into that group, i feel hypocrite for not being me. Its heartbreaking but as im quiting this i hope i will be better in my own way and understanding.

I have dreams which is the same dreams when i start to feel my life will be nothing if im not exploring this world. I want to travel as much as i can.

My plan for this year is to further my study abroad. I sit ielts for preparation and get a atas pagar score which allows me to apply overseas universities. Its quite overwhelming because apperently my english is not so good, even my grammar is like puzzle, my words reveals the basic and my slang is very the kampung. I pray a lot, asking from Him the good result. Surprisingly i manage to get an offer letter from the only university i apply. Its antara dua now because i' starting a new project. 

141214, ive been transfer into a new project, same type of project which is building 94u double storey terrace house. A good apportunities for me because the developer is very determined in creating such a great project, the work follow the flows and going trough a right procedure. This is a great project for me to learn, gather experience and knowledge. If im not further my study abroad, i'll finish this project until next february. 

I plan to loose few kg more, because i want to have a feeling of not-to-worry to eat alot..muahahahaa.

I plan end of this year i will buy a house. Gilaaaakkkk!!!!

Nota Kaki: 010215, aku pilih plan no 2, tolak offer uni, kumpul bekal kat tempat keje, sebab pikir2 balik lepas aku habis master, sape nak amik aku keje dengan experience yang tak sampai setahun tu. Mak orang paling happy sebab dia memang berat hati nak bagi aku pergi jauh2.

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