Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A letter to Him: Happy Birthday Che Na

in the name of Allah..the mercy giving the merciful.
praise be to Allah the Lord of the universe
the mercy giving the merciful.


thank you for your barakah, long-live her life until now.
without her intention you give all what she want and 
you give what she wish for.

O Allah in this blissful day and a day that will creat a momment
do bless my friend for her birthday
forgive all her sin
guide her to the truth
along the right path

bring happiness in her life and fade away all of the sorrow.
meeting her with the true joy of life and
make her heart calm as the flows of your river.

O Allah fulfill all her dreams 
and makes her as anak solehah
may she get dekan in this semester examination and
be an excellent student.

p/s happy birthday yank.....tulus ikhlas dari ati aku yang suci lagi bersih (prasan je lbih)

p/s ii nk adiah ko?

p/s iii hahaha...ak oyap dh mg tuo bako dh.
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